Senior Product Manager at Pivotal Labs

7 things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Product Manager

I’ve been working as a Product Manager on both software and non software products, as a consultant in marketing strategy and as a consultant on lean methodologies and user centred design. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in fields spanning from finance to tech and communication. I still remember the abrupt transition to Product Manager for a software product and how much confusion there is in our industry about this role and its responsibilities.

My presentation shows key learnings that help me build the right thing, empower the team to take the right decisions and share the success of the product. It also covers powerful skill-sets that Product Managers need to have in order to build products that achieve true impact. I will give exemples of how to adapt to changing situations and how to constantly improve our craft as PMs.

Alexandra Lung

With a background in both business & product and engineering, Alexandra Lung has previously held positions in product management, marketing, communication and consulting in new business & product launch.
Alexandra is passionate about building products that achieve true impact. She mentors teams in crafting user experiences that solve real user problems and in developing products that help the business grow exponentially.

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