COO of Fortumo

How to design the best payment experience in the world?

When it comes to online payments, increasing your conversion from 1% to 2% means doubling your company revenue. But how to achieve that? Fortumo develops payment interfaces for Google, Spotify and thousands of other digital merchants. In our presentation, we’d like to share the lessons we’ve learned from making payments work better for our customers, focusing on: payments analytics, improving loading speeds, cross-platform compatibility, utilizing device-specific features, raising user trust and localization.

Andrei Dementjev

Andrei is the COO of Fortumo, leading its product, operations, connectivity and support teams. As one of the company’s first employees, he has helped Fortumo to grow from a tiny Estonian start-up to a global carrier billing provider that works with Google Play, Spotify and thousands of other digital content merchants, with presence in 100+ markets.