Interactive Recruiting at Refresh

At Refresh we are always looking for new ways we can help our sponsors to connect and engage with new talent. This year we have partnered up with Hundred5 for the Job Challenges experiment.


What are Job Challenges?

Job Challenges are fun interactive online tests with which Refresh attendees can test their product, design or front-end skills. 

You can see a demo of a Job Challenge here

The goal of Job Challenges

  • Help our partners and sponsors to get more leads for recruiting
  • Provide our attendees a fun and playful way to test their skills


What motivates the attendees to take the test?

"Would you manage as a Product Manager at a ridesharing startup?"
"Do you have the imagination to design the best sales pipeline app?"
"Are you skilled enough to survive as a Front-End Developer in the fintech world?"

These are just some examples of the names of the tests that would invite our attendees not to apply for a job, but instead playfully test their skills and measure them against others. 

To provide additional motivation you can give out gifts in your booth to better performing attendees. For example - give out your company hoodies to people who get over 70% correct in the test or by the end of the day pick someone who gets a new iPhone from people who got over 90% correct in your test. We will help you in sharing the message during the event. 


How attendees find the tests?

During the conference and week after it there will be a "Job Challenges" page up on Refresh Conference web page. It will feature a list of links to all of the interactive tests. We will be promoting the web site during the conference through TV screens on the venue, our newsletter and social media.

How are the interactive tests created?

The interactive Job Challenges are created on Hundred5 platform. Hundred5 is a recruiting tool for brave innovators who are seeking for new solutions.

Hundred5 helps companies attract and identify qualified candidates. It works by replacing the CV with a short skills-based test that is fun to take, and tells the employer more about the person applying than a CV ever would. 

Hundred5 demo for candidates


Why should you take part of this experiment? 

It's a great way to engage more candidates but make sure you spend time on the right ones. 

In cooperation with the Refresh conference, Hundred5 team will help the conference partners fill one position with qualified candidates – completely free.


What's the process?

Step 1: Building a pre-screening assessment
Together with your team, Hundred5 will build a 10 minute test that targets the qualities required for the role you’re hiring for.

Step 2: Sourcing candidates
To collect candidates, your job will be promoted before and during the conference in both Refresh and Hundred5 communication channels. 

Step 3: Identifying the best candidates
Hundred5 system helps you instantly screen all the applicants and score everyone based on the job requirements – a little extra you can’t find from the CV. All the candidates get immediate feedback, leaving them with a great candidate experience.

How long can I use the platform?

You have free access to the test results and candidates on the Hundred5 platform for one month starting from Refresh Conference day.

How to get started?

Just send an email to and let us know two things

  • what position you would like to create the test for
  • Who from your side will be helping to create the test



If you have additional questions write to