Experience Designer at VIVISTOP Telliskivi and Digital Product Design BA Program Lead at Estonian Academy of Arts.

What would the world look like if it was designed by kids?

If kids would design our world, what it would look like? Would we have cheese trees and colorful rainbow machines? Would we have more fun and play in our life? All that, and definitely a lot more creativity!

At VIVITA we believe that most learning happens through exploration and experimentation. However, if this is the learning, then what should we teach? And, should we teach at all or just give children the freedom to figure it out themselves. Halina will show what would happen if we give children the environment, the tools, the mentoring and the space to design.


About Halina Mugame

Halina has been working in the ICT industry for 16 years (Elisa, Skype) and in UX for the past 8 years, both in an agency (Trinidad Wiseman) as well as in-house (ZeroTurnaround, Pocopay). She was a co-founder of Estonia's first crowdfunding platform, Hooandja. She is also a volunteer mentor at DigiGirls - a day long crash course for 13-19 year old girls with the aim to inspire, encourage and educate girls to try out IT.

She studied her MA in Experience Design at Hyper Island UK and this has inspired her to focus on projects at a larger social impact scale.

In parallel to working as a freelance UX designer, she's focussing on kicking off two initiatives in the field of education:

  • As a Programme Lead for the newly established Digital Product Design BA programme at the Estonian Academy of Arts
  • As a co-initiator of the Creativity Accelerator for kids at VIVISTOP Telliskivi.

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