Director of Product at Nitro

The Art of Saying No (And Keeping Your Customers Happy)

Is your product strategy dictated by customers or driven by your roadmap? Do you dare risk losing a customer by rejecting their one crucial feature request?
One of the most important issues facing any growing company is: how do you decide what *not* to do?

Connecting sales to product and balancing customer demands with your strategic vision is essential for eduring product success.

During this session, learn how to harness the enthusiasm and passion of your customers, while making a habit of saying “no”.

Kevin O'Donnell

Kevin is passionate about taking big ideas that will transform how businesses and individuals work and delivering them as amazing experiences, on a global scale.

Kevin has worked in previously worked in Sydney and Seattle and is currently living and working in his native Dublin. Beyond work, Kevin spends his time travelling widely with his young family.

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