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User Onboarding: Making the First Impression

It is common in product development that we run into problems where users either don't understand the product or the features have evolved into something too complex that will scare them away.

What are the different approaches to onboard users and how to find the right one? How to increase the quality of your signups? How to communicate with new users? In this talk, we will discuss different approaches and provide guidance on how find the best one for your product.

Madis Lehtmets

Madis is an experienced product specialist and designer currently working in Before he was mainly consulting various startups and new product ventures in Estonia as the UX specialist. Biggest of them being Smart-ID. Madis believes that finding the right answers is not enough, we also need to ask the right questions. He loves making stuff with his own hands, is it a wooden furniture, craft beer or the next coolest mobile app in the world.

You can read more about what Madis is up to from his homepage and see his experience on LinkedIn.