The first ever Refresh featured 9 speakers on one stage and around 250 attendees. Experts from companies like Braintree, TransferWise and Prezi were sharing their experiences on scaling products, cross-functional collaboration, dark design patterns and modular development. 

You can see all recorded videos from Refresh 2015 from Refresh YouTube account. Photos from the event are available on our Facebook page's Refresh 2015 Album.


"Refresh is the first conference in the region for developers, designers and digital media agent provocateurs to provide fresh inspiration for kicking ass on the web."


Speakers of Refresh 2015


Harsh Sinha
VP of Engineering at TransferWise


Cristiano Betta
Senior Developer Advocate at Braintree


Silke Van den Broeck
Developer at


Varya Stepanova
Front-end Developer at SC5 Online


Julie Ng
Freelance Developer


Ben Dixon
Rails and Android Developer


Tajo Oja
Lead Designer at Fraktal


Throwback to 2015

REFRESH is a conference, but also an opportunity, to hit Fn+F5 and gain a new perspective on everything front end on the web. With fascinating speakers ready to impart their wisdom and demonstrations from great minds based right here in Tallinn this is not to be missed.