Refresh 2018

On the fourth year of Refresh we were hosting 3 parallel tracks - Product, Front-End and the all new Design track. Speaker highlights included Tim Wantland from Google, Rebekah Mueller from Audible by Amazon and Rash Willcocks from Hyper Island. Around 660 curious specialists attended the conference.

You can watch the talk videos from Refresh 2018 on Refresh YouTube account. Photos from the event are available on our Facebook page's Refresh 2018 Album.


“One of the best conferences I've ever spoke with people who really care about the conference, the speakers and all the people.“

-Aaron Czichon, Speaker of Refresh 2018


Speakers of Refresh 2018


Moments from Refresh 2018

Highlights from Refresh 2018 which took place in Tallinn Creative Hub on 7th September 2018. Attendees enjoyed talks, workshops, networking and ended the day with a fun after party!