Founder of Safe Sack and owlstudiogames

The Journey of Product Development.

I will speak about the obstacles of product development, how to hack product development and how do you start prototyping. How does step by step product design/prototyping look like? What can go wrong? How to be innovative?The willingness and courage to make a non-ordinary thing, to redefine a meaning of something. I have gained a lot of experience from developing safe sack and owlstudiogames, I would like to share this experience and I think it is really relevant in today's start-up world, where prototyping and product development are the number one things.

Sander Tammer

Sander is the founder of safe sack and owlstudiogames. Safe sack is a smart backpack, equipped with futuristic technology - it is fingerprint unlockable, has a solar powered battery bank, is trackable via GPS and built of knife proof fabric. Owlstudiogames is a mobile games development company, with an international team, making a cool puzzle game in cooperation with Rakett69 and Teadustoimetus. It will be available on Google Play and App Store in May, we also offer it to schools with educational ad-ons.