Willie Tran
Growth / Dropbox

Willie does Growth at Dropbox primarily focusing on building out the self-serve upsells growth engine. This essentially means he comes up with crazy ideas, implements them, analyzes user behavior data, and repeat. Prior to that, Willie was one of the first employees and the Head of Product at Testlio. Every so often he'll write about how to implement growth experiments correctly on his blog. Oh and he thinks "growth hacking" is total bullshit.

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Una Kravets
UI Engineer / DigitalOcean

Una Kravets is a speaker, technical writer, open source advocate, and UI Engineer on the Front-end Infrastructure team at DigitalOcean. She’s written for various online publications such as A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, and Sitepoint. Una also co-hosts the Toolsday podcast and started both the DC and Austin Sass Meetups. She's a performance nerd, loves the open source community and listens to way too many audio books.

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Sean Li
Co-Founder / Kitematic

A co-founded Kitematic - a desktop app making Docker more accessible to everyday developers. After gaining some traction, Kitematic was acquired by Docker. Sean was the design lead there for two years, responsible for bringing their technology into the enterprises, widening the top user funnels, and introducing design as a key function within the company.

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Kair Käsper
Head of Engagement/Pipedrive

Head of Engagement at Pipedrive. Co-Founder of Jobkitten and Vurr. Ex-Ogilvy. Hooked on startups, clever communication, traveling and tech gadgets. Definitely a cat person.


Jonn Galea
Lead Product Designer / Lingvist

Jonn is the Lead Product Designer at Lingvist, where he spends his days dreaming up and executing experiences tailored for users with a desire to learn. His other roles within the company include Chief Pho Eater and Head of Basketball Highlights.

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Ruth John
Web Technologist

Ruth is a web technologist and Google Developer Expert. She likes to educate people about new web technologies and inspire them to try them, coming up with exciting and engaging ways to use them. She’s a founding member of { Live: JS }, a collective of audio and visual artists that solely rely on JavaScript to create their performances. Her favourite things include interactive audio/visual installations and 80s cartoons, usually at the same time!

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Serg Hospodarets
Lead Front-End Developer

Serg is a Lead Front-End Developer / Engineering Manager based in Dublin. He loves the Web and shares his knowledge in his blog. Being a big fan of moving CSS and JavaScript forward, Serg participates specifications debates and discusses new features with the community. He likes to stay on top of the latest Web technologies and browser additions, participates their development, standardization, and enhancement.

Serg highlights all this and the browsers/DevTools additions on Twitter as @malyw.

Native ECMAScript modules - the next big step for JavaScript

Today most of the modern browsers introduce the ES modules support, so we can start using module scripts natively which will change the game soon.
We will review how they work, understand the differences with the bundlers/transpilers solutions and how to use Modules not only for usual scripts but for ServiceWorkers etc.
Looking into examples we will understand the native modules features, performance details and lazy/on-demand loading abilities.

Umar Hansa
Web Developer

Umar Hansa is web developer based in London. He runs a mailing list focussed on DevTools. Speaking at conferences around the world, Umar is also a technical writer, video course creator and a Google Developer Expert. Having previously worked at Shazam for 5 years, he now works at Springer Nature as a front-end web developer.

You can follow Umar on Twitter as @umaar, sign up to his Dev Tips Mailing list or check out his DevTools Video Course

A Modern Front-End Workflow with DevTools

You can expect to learn hidden DevTools secrets but also how to adopt a modern development and debugging workflow. This talk is important for any web developer or designer who wants to understand and debug the internals of a webpage quickly and with ease. It will also cover a few CSS tools, performance profiling and debugging techniques, all with the goal of mastering your authoring workflow to ensure your development workflow is highly optimised.

Jana Beck
Software Engineer

Jana took the long road to web development with a significant delay as a Ph.D. candidate in linguistics doing a lot of scientific computing in Python. Today she creates data visualization applications and tools, typically with a stack including D3, React, and Redux. When she's not coding or sleeping, there's a high probability that Jana is sweating in a gym or a dance studio.

Read more about Jana from her homepage.


Generating therapy in JavaScript

JavaScript got generator functions in ES2015, but perhaps—unlike other ES2015 features you haven’t used them yet. The disruption of the “normal” control flow that occurs with generators can feel a bit like turning your brain inside-out, but generators are worth learning. For example, it’s necessary to write generator functions when using redux-saga, a popular add-on for performing side effects in apps that use redux for state management.

In this talk, we’ll seek to understand generators through the metaphor of conversation, modeling the relationship between a generator function and its calling context as a turn-taking relationship, just like a (good) conversation. We’ll also find that we can take our metaphor literally and have a lot of fun with it: chatterbots are a natural application for generator functions. After starting with a simple gibberish bot that responds to user input, we’ll expand to a generator implementation of Eliza (everyone’s favorite therapist chat bot), so that JavaScript can provide not just our livelihood but our therapy too.


More To Be Announced...