What Does It Take To Develop Kickass Products?

Location: Mooncascade, Narva maantee 9, Tartu
Time: 3rd September 17:45 - 21:00
Entrance: Free, Registration needed

What Does It Take To Develop Kickass Products is back! In collaboration with MobileMonday Estonia we are glad to kick off the new season with a Product Development special event. 
Three expert speakers will share their real-life experiences and know-how on how to manage the kitchen side of product development - how to lead teams, how to build and sustain relationships with clients, and how to stay focused on the mission. 
And of course there will be snacks, drinks & networking :)

The event is free and in English. Register here: goo.gl/bQV8LX

Topics and the speakers

Laura Noodapera.jpg

First steps towards Jobs To Be Done. Teamweek’s journey.
Laura Noodapera, Onboarding Manager at Teamweek

I will be discussing the first steps in applying the Jobs to Be Done framework: why we felt the need for it, who will be affected by it, how we started setting it up and where we are now. This is an ongoing process and at this moment we really have no idea where we might end up.

About Laura Noodapera

I'm a User Onboarding Manager of Teamweek. I have an advertising and writing background and I've worn many different hats in Teamweek before landing in product team. I'm very interested in how we talk about digital tools and how those tools talk back: what kind of content they provide, when do they do it, and what kind of tone they use. Lately, I've been also thinking a lot about humanising the inanimate and robot ethics. But this is a whole other topic.



Tribes & missions - building dynamic & efficient tech teams in Pipedrive.
Martti Kuldma, Head of Software Development at Pipedrive 

About Martti Kuldma

Things I am currently exited about: bringing life coaching to engineering teams, introducing cross organisation pitching & voting on new development ideas, creating focused mission teams for product development.

How to work effectively with external teams?
Britt Maasalu, Product Manager/Project Manager/Team Lead in Mooncascade

I'll talk about managing a team which members are located in different offices or in different companies and how to keep everyone happy while doing that.

About Britt Maasalu

I joined Mooncascade 3 years ago. I manage some of the biggest clients in the company. Also, I lead a team of 8 developers to help them with their daily company related tasks. I'm also a proud beagle owner and have my own kennel called SuperDoggoMafia.