Engineering Lead at Farfetch

First time Team Lead: What the hell am I doing??

Whether you're starting a new leading role or you're looking towards having that opportunity, there are a few things you should probably know but maybe no has told you about them yet.

In this talk, we'll be looking into the main issues of starting on a leading role and what kind of struggles you might face that you're not expecting.
Then we'll look at how compassion, active listening and actually taking actions can truly make a difference on your team and their personal development.
We'll finish by looking at what we can do to improve ourselves and our process in order to make sure every single team member feels empowered and has a clear development path ahead of them.

Wilson Alberto

Wilson is a UI developer at Farfetch with a passion for web experiences and those minor details that go unnoticed but allow the user to have an enjoyable experience while browsing a website.
Recently, as an Engineering Lead, he's been shifting is focus towards helping each member of his team grow as developers and succeed as a team.
And as it turns out, that just might be his true passion.