During the conference we have four 2-hour workshops. Seats are limited to 30 people. Registration opens on September 5th.

Liga Letina
For UX designers, product designers, product owners
Experience mapping - how to get actionable results out of it
with Liga Letina
Starts at: 7th September 12:40
Location: The Gallery Hall
A hands-on workshop where participants will look into ways to make your customer journey map as a living customer experience development tool.
Thomas Steiner
For Intermediate (and up) level front-end developers
Building dynamic (progressive web) apps with accelerated mobile pages
with Thomas Steiner
Starts at: 7th September 12:40
Location: Hall D
We will introduce the AMP framework and show how interactive apps can be built with it debunking the myths that AMP is only a static framework.
Maria, Kalev and Jana
For product managers, product designers
Design Sprint Workshop
with Maria Lasprilla, Jana Krivorotko, Kalev Rundu
Starts at: 7th September 14:55
Location: The Gallery Hall
Find out how to be less bloat and more Bolt with your design process by learning the concepts, benefits, and process behind a design sprint from the fastest of the fastest Pipedrive sprinters.
Amid Moradganjeh
For everyone to learn about their role in the Intelligent Future
Prototyping the Intelligent Experiences
with Amid Moradganjeh and Markus Lippus
Starts at: 7th September 14:55
Location: Hall D
We will explore simple tools and methods to envision the applications of AI for everyday experiences. We will experiment with hacking as a design approach.