About us

Refresh is the first conference in the region uniting developers, designers, and product managers. We'll bring them all under one roof to provide fresh inspiration and global know-how on creating user-pleasing products.

Since 2015, Refresh has been rocking the stage with fascinating speakers who present in-depth studies and share valuable experiences. It's a glimpse into the latest trends and best practices. It's a fresh perspective on everything front-end on the web.

After 4 years of hiatus, we are bringing the Refresh conference back to you! But this time, we are waiting to meet you in Tartu and make Refresh a 2-day conference - January 26 is for keynotes and networking, January 27 is for seminars. 

Refresh is not just a conference, it's a festival of like-minded people, where the inspiring discussions supercharge you to renew your passion for making the web even more awesome!