UX Designer at Allegro

When Your Customers Are Used To Bad Solutions. Lessons Learned From Redesigning An Old, Neglected Product

We all know that people don’t like changes. But have you noticed, that people hate them even more when it comes to a product they use on a daily basis and which they are accustomed to? It makes implementing changes much harder than you can assume. I faced the challenge of redesigning a digital product that had existed for years and had been used by millions of customers, so I know this struggle perfectly well. Let me share my experience with you.

Anna Jozanis

Anna Jozanis has been working as a UX Designer at Allegro, Polish e-commerce leader and one of the biggest marketplaces in Europe. Currently, she also manages Allegro UX Team responsible for user experience behind purchase and payments. She strongly believes that the most delightful and engaging experiences are created in the interdisciplinary teams. For this reason, she gladly invites managers, analysts and developers to design processes.

You can read more about what Anna Has been up to from her LinkedIn page.