Interview with Brett Astrid Võmma from Katana | How is software designed in the manufacturing sector? | What makes a good designer? | How to become a UX designer?

Brett Astrid Võmma is the Chief Creative Officer of the manufacturing ERP software company Katana. She has previously worked at Pipedrive and Veriff, both as a designer and design team leader. Artur Puiste from UX Estonia talked to Brett about...
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Interview with Kaspar Raats from Volvo | How to design trustworthy autonomous vehicles? | How to start your journey as a UX designer |

Kaspar Raats has been working nearly 9 years at Volvo where he started as an interaction designer, creating and testing...
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Moriya Kassis: The main challenge for PMs is not developing products anymore but developing teams

Moriya Kassis is the founder & GM of Product League, the most trusted mentoring program for Product Managers, in 30...
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