Design Sprint Workshop

design spring workshop at Refresh

Starts at: 7th September 14:55
Duration: 2 h
LocationThe Gallery Hall
Capacity: max 30 people
Registration: opens on September 5th, only for Refresh Conference attendees


Designing a solution to a problem can be a really long and drawn out process, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how to be less bloat and more Bolt with your design process by learning the concepts, benefits, and process behind a design sprint from the fastest of the fastest Pipedrive sprinters. Then, whether you fail or succeed, you can do it fast!

Who is it for?

Any role involved in building products from problems to solutions, but mainly those who are involved early enough starting from the problem definition space (product managers, product designers, etc.)

Workshop instructors

Maria Lasprilla is the Head of Core Product at Pipedrive, where she as worked for the last 3+ years in helping build a team of talented product managers who are working on building the best sales tool out there. She loves dogs, and is passionate about learning and helping others learn and develop.

Kalev is a Senior Product Manager in Pipedrive, currently working with the core team. He has 6+ years of experience working on digital products, part of which he spent helping improve the banking UX of consumer lending and payments while working on the FinTech industry. He also enjoys everything related to music, from being a DJ, to hosting his own radio show and playing the drums in the company band.

Jana is a Lead Product Manager at Pipedrive. She has started her journey working on Growth Projects in Marketing and then moving to a Product Management position helping to build the best sales tool out there.
If you want to get along, talk product, music and fitness.