26-27 January 2023

A product, UX-design and front-end conference that provides fresh inspiration for creating better products on the web


Keynotes and networking at ERM


Seminars at DELTA

Unlike most conferences, you actually leave Refresh with useful knowledge you can apply on the job the next day
- Willie Tran, Growth PM @ Dropbox
The level of talks you'll hear and the conversations you'll have in just one day is hard to beat.
- Kair Käsper, Co-Founder & CRO @ Klaus


These amazing humans are here to refresh you!

Kaspar Raats
User Experience Designer @ Volvo Cars
Keerthi Shankar Sekar
Principal Group Product Manager @ Microsoft
Shivani Mahabeer
Principal Product Manager Lead @ Microsoft
Selene Gnadenteich
Program Manager @ Microsoft
Alvar Lumberg
CTO @ Grünfin
Ali Khalid Rana
Director of Product @ Bolt
Sam Lanning
Senior Full Stack Security Engineer @ Wise
Maido Parv
Senior Product Designer @ Wise
Merve Cankiz Coruh
Co-Founder @ Producter
Harri Supp
Product Manager @ Topia
Nils Kajander
Managing Director & Partner @ BOND
Moriya Kassis
Founder & General Manager @ Product League
Joonathan Mägi
Chief Technology Officer @ Klaus
Mart Objartel
Product Manager @ Klaus
Marko Sulamägi
Developer & Product Manager @ Messente
Brett Astrid Võmma
Chief Creative Officer @ Katana
Taago Kilter
Product Manager @ Katana
Antonina Babicheva
Product Designer @ Katana
Peep Käiss
Development Team Lead @ Velvet
Alar Kirikal
Product Engineer @ Lightyear
Allan Triik
Lead Product Designer @ Fractory
Karin Künnapas
Co-Director @ kood/Jõhvi
Kasper Jelaiskis
Senior Product Designer @ Printify
Kateryna Porshnieva
Head of Developer Relations @ Veriff
Esko Lehtme
Head of UX @ SEB Baltic


These companies are helping to keep you refreshed!