Senior Front-End Developer, Sumo Logic

Become A Better JavaScript Developer With Functional Programming

Functional programming is becoming more and more popular among front-end developers. This fascinating programming paradigm encourages writing clean, maintainable code and helps avoid typical programming mistakes. On the other hand, functional programming has a reputation for being impractical and complicated. During my talk, I will explain the most important functional concepts and show some practical applications of these ideas.

Firstly, I will give a high-level, intuitive explanation of what functional programming is and why it’s worth learning. I will then follow up with concepts such as immutability, pure functions, referential transparency and currying while showing how to apply them in JavaScript. Next, I will describe which elements of JavaScript are borrowed from the functional paradigm. This part will include live coding. Finally, I will put functional programming in a wider context and mention functional-reactive programming and redux architectures.

Milosz Piechocki

Milosz is an experienced software developer and an application architect. He has a strong background in back-end technologies (.NET and Scala) while focusing more on the front-end (JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular) nowadays. He is fascinated by functional programming and how it's applied to modern web technologies. Milosz is running a programming blog, regularly speaks at meet-ups and conferences, teaches people about Angular and contributes to open-source projects. In his free time, Milosz runs and goes on mountaineering trips.

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