Senior Director of Product Management for Audible

Finding Humanity: How to Fit into a Customer’s Life

"Growth! More time in app! Notifications!” Sound familiar? The tech landscape is inundated with the mindset that we must continually find ways to increase the attention a customer pays to a product. For many years, the goal has been to boost usage throughout the day, almost promoting customer addiction. This method can, over time, create anxiety and stress. Your product becomes a problem in their life, rather than solving problems for them.

In this session, we’re going to discuss a new way of building products - by connecting with our humanity. Rebekah will walk participants through how to fit (vs. force) your product into your customer’s life. Using past successes and failures, she’ll explain how to always bring your ideas back to the new focal point: the human who will use your product. With this method, your product will still experience growth, but as a benefit to humanity

Rebekah Mueller

Rebekah Mueller is a Senior Director of Product Management for Audible, a division of Amazon. In her role, she manages a team of PMs for iOS and Android surfaces, in addition to developing the long-term product strategy. A self-professed entertainment geek, Rebekah also worked in film and TV product roles at Comcast and Viacom, following a stint in concert production and new artist promotion.

Rebekah received her BA in History with concentrations in Film and German from the University of Pittsburgh. She currently resides in the New York City area. In her spare time, Rebekah is often planning her next traveling expedition or having a perpetual internal struggle to row at the crack of dawn on the river.

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