Design Lead, Google AI

Intuitive Intelligence

That feeling you get when you know what your next move aught to be. Many voices are weighing in, but you feel as though "If I only had some time to create this thing." Intuition is key to unlocking your superpower as a creative professional. In this presentation, we'll break down the art of trusting your instinct, following what you feel and creating what you think is the right solution. For this talk, we ask that you leave conscious reasoning for all those boring meetings and unlock your superpower!

Tim Wantland

Tim is on the Google Pixel Design team, collaborating with AI Researchers to bring AI to Pixel Phone. With a background in Industrial Design and Architecture, he has worked on a wide variety of projects from consumer products to museum exhibits, spatial planning, and now cross-device digital services. Tim has about ten years of experience crafting new products with emerging technologies. A few he has worked on include the Google Assistant, Xbox, Microsoft Translator, Cortana and Windows AR.

You can learn more about Tim and his projects from his website.