Revolutionizing Product Management: A Recap of Refresh x Pipedrive Product Meetup

Last week, the Product Meetup organized by Refresh and Pipedrive brought together about 50 product and design enthusiasts in Tartu. 

The topic for this edition was Pipedrive’s Innovation Accelerator Program, which sparked many interesting discussions and gave participants valuable knowledge about a large organization’s product management strategy.

At the Meetup, Product Director Madis Suld and Senior Product Designer Jakob Randrüüt shared their insights and experience learned from the Innovation Accelerator Program, which was attended by 135 participants in 20 teams. The program was designed to optimise teams’ paths and timing in finding solutions.

This program included 200+ customer sessions and 200+ iterations. This was divided into two modules, which helped participants understand the customer’s problem and validate critical assumptions and hypotheses.

Madis and Jakob shared several helpful frameworks, such as leap-of-faith assumptions (LOFAs), ideal state statements, storyboarding, and hypothesis statements. They also emphasized the importance of keeping an open and iterative mindset, being empowered by being proven wrong, and using simple steps such as the superstar method and 5-,7-, and 11-star customer reviews.

The Accelerator Program was a huge success. As of today, 18 experiments that were worked on are live. The program received great feedback, with one participant stating it was the best training they had ever participated in.

Refresh's Product Meetups aim to bring together the product and UX communities in Tartu to share knowledge and support each other. Also, to give a chance for different companies to introduce their work. The next product meetup will take place in the autumn of ’24. More details will be shared on social media closer to the date.

Before that, join us at our flagship event, Refresh, which takes place already on April 11–12 in Tartu! Check out the program HERE!